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The noise canceling function of “er-CO ・ CCO ・ LO” equipped with IntelliGo’s AI noise canceling IC has the following features compared to the futures of the existing other products.

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ー  Overview 

The world’s first noise cancelling earphone equipped with AI noise cancelling IC that has been developed by IntelliGo‘s.IntelliGo’sis the only company in the world that can consistently provideAI algorithms related to call noise canceling,IC design, and IC manufacturing.

In addition to the advanced noise canceling function, it is also equipped with a biosensor functionand by linking the biometric information acquired by the sensor to the cloud via a smartphone,that will make it possible to utilize personal and health management services of the person wearing the earphones.

ー Features ー

Advanced noise canceling function

The noise canceling function of “er-CO・CCO・LO” equipped with IntelliGo’sAI noise canceling IC has the following features compared to the futures of the existing other products.

er-CO・CCO・LOExisting smart earphones
noise reduction abilityavailable for all types of noiseavailable only for the noises acquired in advance.
microphone(for noise reduction)one microphone can handle2 or more required
response to sudden noiseimmediate response available
not available
(it takes time to recognize as noise)
othersenables to cancel noise even under the condition that the background noise is stronger than human voice not enable all the time to cancel noise under the background noise is stronger than human voice
Biosensor function

Thermistor sensor

The built-in thermistor enables temperature measurement in the ear canal . You can get notification as soon as your body temperature rises above the set one in advance. That will help to know changes in your physical condition and prevent heatstroke.

9-axix sensor

Contains a sensor which has 3-axisaccelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis geomagnetic sensor. By this sensor you can accurately measure body’s position when doing physical work. Monitoring them will help to prevent physical work with improper position, movement, and drowsy driving.

Pulse wave sensor 

The capability to direct’acceleration pulse wave’ by capturingthe vibration of the arteries inside the ear is now under development, (planning to be commercialized upcoming in the next model)

Expected usage scenarios in the future

Labor management at construction sites, etc. (e.g., physical condition of on-site workers and safety measures)

The information of the biosensor mounted on the earphone can be transmitted to the supervisor by Bluetooth, and managed / analyzed on the cloud in the safety management. The administrator of labor management is able toreceive the worker’s data as needed.Inaddition, AI noise cancelling IC enables stress-free communication.

Removal of ambient noise during telework

The advanced noise canceling by AI enables to eliminate ambient sounds during online-

meetings and provide a stress-free telework environment wherever you are.


Bluetooth®︎ version5.2
Noise cancelingMicrophone AI noise canceling
Collection external soundsAmbient Sound Mode
Output ClassClass1
Supported codecSBC, AAC, AptXTM
Communication distanceapprox. 10m
Charging timeapprox. 1.5 hrs
Continuous playback / talk timeMax. 7.0 hrs / Max. 4.5 hrs
Number of charges by charging caseapprox. 3 times
Waterproof protection gradeIPX4
Massmain unit 5.3g x 2 / charging case 50.7g
SensorsThermistor sensor, 9-axis sensor
(accelerometer and gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor) on both side.

Terminology explanation
 ※ SNR(Signal-to-Noise Ratio): Signal-to-noise ratio. It represents the ratio of the signal level to the noise (difference from the original voice) level. It shows the strength relationship between an effective signal such as human voice and the noise you want to eliminate.